Richard Vicory

  1. Richard Vicory

    Physical Therapist


    Dr. Richard Vicory is the owner of Performance Rehabilitation in Central Florida. Richard established Performance Rehabilitation in May of 2006. It is a private practice physical therapy and aquatic therapy facility dedicated to helping people to live more active, pain-free and independent lives.

    Richard is a strong advocate for physical therapy and aquatic physical therapy because of the many unique benefits that each provides to a wide range of patients that are diverse in age, gender and backgrounds. Richard firmly believes that one-on-one personal attention, combined with patient education is essential to provide the best outcome to your care.

    Richard received his Physical Therapy education at University of North Florida in 1997, and his Doctor of Physical Therapy from College of St. Scholastica in 2012. His professional interests focus on orthopedics and reduced weight bearing interventions. He has advanced education and certifications in orthopedic treatment, manual therapy, neuro-rehabilitation, and aquatic therapy. Richard also actively participates in clinical education. He is passionate about exposing students to physical therapy and its multitude of benefits.

    When asked what his favorite part of being a physical therapist is, Richard’s answer is simply (and quite humbly) “I enjoy helping people.” Beyond a doubt, physical therapy is Richard’s passion and he is unquestionably in his ‘element’ when treating and caring for patients at Performance Rehabilitation.


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