Anthony Arviso

  1. Anthony Arviso

    Physical Therapist


    Anthony Arviso is the owner of Enchantment Physical Therapy in Gallup, NM. It is the first private practice to open in Gallup and the only clinic fully Navajo/Native American owned. Anthony and his staff have dedicated themselves to providing cutting edge physical therapy services to the underserved people in the community.

    Late in 2015, Anthony’s private practice was on the brink of forever shutting its doors due to the impact of a new large hospital. “I took an honest hard look at our company and became stressed out, anxious, and nearly depressed. I wanted to fix everything magically or close and run!”

    Rather than give up, Anthony decided to fight back…to do everything in his power to keep the doors of his clinic open.

    Today, Enchantment PT has become a successful, thriving clinic that no longer worries about the hospital (or competitors), whose revenues have consistently grown each month.

    Anthony will share the exact strategies he used to keep his doors open and how you can implement similar ones in order to win the battle against the large healthcare groups in your area.

    Learn the grassroots marketing strategies he used to go from only a few patients each day, to a schedule that is completely filled each day with patients, athletes, and gym members. Over the last few months, Anthony has had to hire four new staff members (whose schedules are also full), to keep up with all of the new patients.